Virtual Symposium
University of Toronto
April 1-2, 2022


A gathering of thinkers, artists, activists, and scholarsto discuss the complexities at the juncture of queerand Italian identities – in the homeland and indiasporic communities. Preference given to proposalsrelated to Italian LGBTQ+ geographies, movement,and mobilities.

Possible Topic

  • Rural and urban LGBTQ+ communities in Italy today
  • LGBTQ+ migration to and from Italy, internal migration
  • LGBTQ+ experiences in the global Italian diaspora
  • New LGBTQ+ Italian (Italian-American, Italian-Canadian, etc.)cultural production
  • Queer(ing) Translation
  • Italian LGBTQ+ spaces
  • Intersections of class, race, gender, sexuality in Italian LGBTQ+communities
  • Intergenerational kinships
  • Queer pedagogies in Italy and in Italian Studies
  • New research in Queer/LGBTQ+ Italian Studies
  • Legal developments and issues in Italy


Please, submit 200-wordabstracts (English or Italian) and75-word bios by Feb. 25, 2022.
Confirmation of acceptance will besent by March 1, 2022.
Talks will be 20 minutes long.


Queer(Ing) Contemporary Italian Cultures